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What customers say about us ...

”… you are professional, courteous, affable, knowledgeable, genuine and more …” 
Bill Middendorf (2005)




“The best tour I ever had!” 
John Middendorf (2005)




"My recommendation is this:

We came to a strange city with two small children and no bearings to actually enjoy our trip. Several conveniences were afforded us, including having you come to our hotel and plan each day with plenty of room for experimentation. I was afforded the opportunity to learn the history and have a "kids" day as well. All the little details were handled by our tourguide, including the flexibilty to change plans midstream at a moment's notice. Each day took into consideration how long the children could hold up and were filled with more activities that I could have done in a week. No problems were experienced in locating any events and the tour operator looked like he enjoyed doing his effort. He made it personal and not like a large group where you are herded like cattle in and out of the tours. Learned alot about the architecture of the city and felt the "personal" touch was alway there. Could not have done it any other way....."
Darrel Poloway (2005)




Norma and Lannel (2005)


"Barb Gokenbach is a fantastic tour guide. She picked me up promptly at my hotel and showed me what I wanted to see in the St. Louis area. The tour was casual, informative and spontaneous. I got to see my old house and school from 40 years ago. We had a great lunch and her SUV is very comfy."

Janet Elmore (2005)


"Hey there Barb!

Thanks for the photo's […]. I like the one of the 2 Mark's and Sherri - they're all smiling. […] The winery was very good and a great way to finish up the tour. […]

Thanks again for the tour, we had fun. I have a friend coming out here in February and, time permitting, we'd love to do it again with y'all.

Lisa Roggeman (2005)


Hey Roy & Barb,
[...] We really enjoyed our Chocoholic's Tour of St. Louis.  The kids talk about it all the time!  It was very nice talking with both of you and we feel like we've got friends in St. Louis now.  Rest assured, when we come back, we'll look you up and schedule another tour.[...]
Thanks again for showing us such a wonderful time.
Lisa Wiggins (2005)


Thank YOU!! My friend and I had a great tour with your tour company. Show me mo tours was the best thing about waking up on our first day in St. Louis. YOu guys knew exactly where to take us and gave us the freedom to move around and shop in between our tours...thanks you and we will always recommend you guys....ps thanks for the pictures....again, thank you much Nelson and Garrett

Nelson Morgan (2006)


Hi Barbara,

Thanks to you, we feel that we had a very successful trip to St. Louis. We really enjoyed traveling with you and seeing the sights, and it was wonderful to take a tour that was flexible and willing to go to the places that we really wanted to see.

We would recommend the tour to anyone that is coming to St. Louis with a little bit of time to spare and no transportation. In addition to the enjoyment of the tour itself, I think it helped me with the race.

When we were running on Sunday, it helped to have driven on part of the course and become a bit familiar with the layout of the city. If you would like to post any of the photos on your web site, please feel free to do that. [...]

Thanks again for everything, and I hope that we'll be back to St. Louis one of these days. Sincerely, Pat Neff

Fred and Pat Neff (2006)


Dear Barbara and Roy,

we are at home again. The time passed very quickly since we have been home. We had a wonderful time with you. Many thanks for everything.
Hallo Roy, what is with learning German? I had a English lesson today. Sometimes, it is very difficult. [...]

With love,
Eve and Rudolf

Eve and Rudolf Riedel, Zschorlau, Germany (2006)


Hi Barbara and Roy,

I had a really great time, on and off tour, visiting in Saint Louis. I look forward to coming back some time soon and taking another tour to see more of this great city.

Thanks again for everything,
Best Regards,

Robert Krugmann, Erlangen, Germany (2006)


Dear Barbara,

Thanks very much for the pictures. They're a very good reminder of a great trip to St.Louis. The conference went very well, and I had a good trip back, getting back to England mid-morning Friday 14th.

As you can imagine this first week back at work has been hectic, with a lot of catching up to do on top of having the builders in. I sneak a look at the photos every now and again to remind myself.  [...]

I'm wrestling with the photos I took- there's a very good one of you, and I'll send them as soon as I can.

Best wishes,

Hazel Hewison, Oxford, United Kingdom (2006)


Thanks for the pictures, we all appreciate them. Thanks again for a special evening.

We enjoyed the company, music, and food!

~Sandee Fenton



Hi again Barbara

Our whirlwind trip to the US already seems like a dream...am back to
work and feel like I never left!
All the best!

And thanks again for the pictures

~Dr Ted Arnold

Hi Barb and Roy,

Thank you for the pictures and the nice tour you gave us. I really enjoyed it especially the tour to the Brewery and of course - the Bison burger!!! We were able to visit the Arch but not the Anheuser-Busch, it was too late for us.Rest assured I will recommend "Show Me MO Tours" to our friends who will visit St. Louis. And of course, our next visit.



Thanks for the pictures! The ones I tried to take did not turn out...as I suspected. So thank you for yours. Nope, didn't make Graceland but I'd like to plan it for next time. Could you help with that?? We had a great time with you and Roy. You made us feel so comfortable and welcome. It was like being welcomed by relatives you hadn't seen in a long time. You are both so different and yet such a compliment to each other. I appreciated the flexibil-ity you gave us in the tour and all the extra stops along the way. It was great getting a history lesson along the way and seeing not just the touristy things but the places that the local people hang out at too. Places that you just don’t see here in California. I really appreciated you putting yourself out there for my son as a resource for future information and for a home cooked meal now and then. That's hospitality at its finest. God bless you both for making my visit so enjoyable and for helping us get a feel for the area. I would love to plan another tour next time I'm out, which I hope won't be too long from now. And I'd certainly recommend you to anyone who is interested in a taste of St. Louis.
Again, God bless you both,


Hi Dear Roy & Barb,

I am so sorry for keeping silence. We were so busy (storm, problems with electricity)

Thank you so much for such a nice tour. That was truly adventure to see St Louis Arch, central streets, parks and plazas, historical places, neat houses, to have a lunch on a boat-restaurant , to make a stop at old Train Station and such bright experience with arch inside it. It is amazing, isn't it? The most important thing was having you because we got all answers for our questions immediately, will we were driving around. We had a chance to get allot of information about city, architecture, history.Your knowledge about St.Louis are amazing. The weather wasn't so sunny and warm, but we are keeping the warmest feelings about our experience. That was very pleasant, interesting, fun and homey, like we'd have trip at home in Russia because of nice and warm feelings of people sur- rounding us. Mom, Max and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you one more time. We are looking forward to meet you again. Maxim asking for a chocolate tour. Will you pay for dentist than? Just joking.

Take care..

best regards

~Natasha, Leda and Maxim

Hi Barbara,

Thanks a lot for the pictures. Nice souvenirs.

The tour you offered us was very nice and we enjoyed your company very much. Your detail knowledge about St. Louis and your ability to talk on various aspects and levels created a unique and very pleasant atmosphere. Thanks again for the pleasant accompany and time spent with us. St. Louis got two more fans, thanks to you.



Please forgive my late response. Thank you for the photographs they are very good. I have traveled to St Louis a number of times and have been fortunate enough to see a little of your City but I must say I found the tour very interesting. I would have no hesitation at all in advising anyone to join you and Roy on one of them , It was very relaxed and you both went out of your way to show us what you believe we wanted to see as opposed to a formal rigid structure which a lot of tour operators run. Once again thank you both for a memorable experience (I think I have a little more knowledge of St Louis then some of my colleagues who live there)

Kindest Regards


Hi, Barb---- The pictures came out great! Thank you for such a pleasurable tour. It was very good of you to take my individual interests and highlight them in our day. Since I was interested in the history and French culture, I learned a lot of things about St. Louis that I didn't already know. That has to be the mark of a great tour guide! The next time I hear about someone traveling to St. Louis, you can be sure that I will recommend Show Me MO Tours. Thank you for the wonderful personalized service.

~Cindy Wood

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for sending me the pictures so soon. Thank you also for the wonderful tour; I really enjoyed myself. I will keep you posted about how it goes.

I've found Wide River Wide Land, by Father William Barnaby Faherty on Amazon for $3.95 and was ready to have it shipped to you. However, your card or e-mail does not have your mailing address. Neither does your home page, so if you want me to send it to you, please send me your address.

All the best,

~Shash (Kerstin)

Thank you so much for the pictures. I especially like the 3rd one. Barb is still in St. Louis with her family. I arrived home yesterday and returned to work today with lots of warm thoughts of our Nursing
Conference. It was just the greatest thing, our tour with you! It made our trip so much more personal.

I honestly can't decide what I enjoyed most. I would probably just say the history you related. Your insight into the development of your city, from the mound builders, French fur traders, Civil War, and
industrial developments as well as seeing the beauti- ful historic structures. From the Central West End, Lafayette Square, Lacledes Landing, Forest Park, I loved all of the unique styles and different flavors of your city. Thank you again for the great tour. I am so glad you are environmentally aware. It was a pleasure meeting you!




These pictures are very nice. We really enjoyed the tour and even though mother nature did not cooperate
with us and we could not get to Ted Drewes we had a wonderful and memorable time. We are sure to keep your card as I am sure we will want to repeat this trip and others. You are a great tour guide and will certainly recommend you to our friends and family.
Thanks again, we truly had a wonderful time.

Ron and Susy Boyter.


Hello Barb,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Summer school keeps me on my toes. We had a wonderful time on the tour. As a St. Louis local, it has really made driving around downtown the past few weeks more interesting and personal. I've enjoyed sharing what I've learned with my friends and my students and am interested in learning more. For my Grandma, I feel like she re-connected with the St. Louis she has missed since moving away. Thank you again for a wonderful time and I'll be contacting you soon about a chocolate tour for my mom.

Amanda (2007)


Hello Show Me Mo Tours,

Barb, really enjoyed our day with you. You have a good knowledge of St. Louis history. And were able to make it a fun tour for my nine year old grandson, as well as his mother and me. We applaud you for that. The Custard stop was a nice touch. But going up in the Arch was the high point of the day. Thank you for making the arrangements. And for suggesting the City Museum, it's a real jungle and very appropriate for young boys. Also appreciate your driving capabilities and awareness of traffic patterns. You
handled everything smoothly. Will keep Show Me Mo Tours in mind for future tours.
Sharon Donley (2007)



Thanks for the pictures. I enjoyed spending the day with you. You give a great tour, are flexible and are pleasant to spend time with. Without reservation I give you the highest recommendation to anyone considering your tour. I did make it to the Missouri Botanical Garden and got soaked in a downpour. It was magical however to see the Japanese Garden in drizzle after the downpour. I rented a car and also visited the Cahokia Mounds and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in nearby Illinois. Museums at both sites are excellent but I especially enjoyed Cahokia which has the largest earth works in the Americas, even bigger than the Aztec structures near Mexico City and about the size volumetrically of the Egyptian pyramids. I wonder why they don't get more publicity.

I hope to get back to St. Louis someday and see the many things you took me by but I didn't have time to revisit. Hope all goes well with your hip operation.

Best regards,
David Holtz (2007)


Barb was great, very accommodating, eager to please and fun to be with. She was flexible, while I was seeking the elusive great antique and everyone else wanted lunch to making sure that we had seen everything we wanted to see before she took us back to the hotel at the end of the day. She was a brave lady to be our guide for 9 1/2 hours, we couldn't have made a better choice.

Thanks Barb,
Sheila, Nancy, Jeannie and Duane


We truly enjoyed our tour of St. Louis. Barbara customized our tour to include neighborhoods where Roy's ancestors lived in the late 1800's, early 1900's. She made several recommendations for additional tours, restaurants, and entertainment. She recommended the German (Bavarian style) food at the St. Louis Gast Haus. It was excellent! We plan to try some of her other recommendations on a repeat trip to St. Louis.

Joyce Hodges
Bonner Springs, KS